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I offer a relaxed but focussed approach to Learning in my luxurious new studio in East Sussex.  You can learn at your own leisure, tailored to what you want.  I do not run an institution!


Through my experience with my own children, who love to draw and paint,  and working with the elderly, I've learned to appreciate life and its unexpected outcomes.  My hope is that people can experience the joy of creating, and not to stress about the outcome, for it's your own expression and response to what you see.  Technique is there, and beyond that is ones imagination and joy of expression. 

Come and relax, learn how to draw the human form, splash paint around, or sculpt.  You can work on a project, or week by week.  Whatever takes your fancy, beyond the boundaries of your own imagination. 

Private Tutorials - Life Drawing
I offer private life tutorials in my studio (subject to model availability).  Cost: £100 per hour, minimum of two hours booking.


Life Workshops
I will be holding a fortnightly workshop on Tuesdays, from 10am until 12noon.  The workshop will involve a model and all materials supplied. You can purchase a block of five sessions for £150.  If interested, please contact me.

Weekend Workshops

I will be offering one day weekend workshops in clay and life drawing. Cost is £175.  All materials included. 

My groups are limited to four students at any one time. This allows me time to spend with each student and pay the model what they deserve.  Contact me for dates. ( I do serve refreshments ). 


"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."             Aristotle

Above: Montreal, near Carcasonne. 

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