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The Sun is Out and Here's the Red Tree

Oh so this is my first blog (as opposed to bog), and I have no idea what I'm doing, which is no doubt apparent already. Today the sun came out and I had two thoughts, first one - get a photo of the red tree near my village pub before the leaves

fall off. You should see this tree, oh, actually, there are two. But I hadn't realised that as I saw it as one the other day when I slapped the hazard lights on in my car and jumped out to photograph it. Well those photos turned out to be quite useless, and I hoped to get some more sun, all week. Then there it came today. So, I have the photos, I have a permanent fixture of the trees in my brain, and next week I'm committing colour to canvas!

My second thought was the washing - getting it dry. The sun it out afterall. But to my dismay, the 12' trampoline is blocking my clothes line hole. So, it's back to painting the walls in the kitchen with a sort of weird flavoured black coffee, which I bought as the coffee machine broke. Stay tuned world. I'm not always this dull.

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