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My distinct memories of my homeland Australia are the erroneous waves of the Indian Ocean, immense cobalt blue skies, dusty sheep, ranting flocks of colourful cockatoos, dirt tracks, intriguing sunsets, engulfing horizons; and the friendly banter of the locals.

Having studied Art and Design in Australia, I decided to expand my creative horizons and moved to London UK where I worked and studied for some twenty years.  I now live in East Sussex with my family.


I like gestural drawing from life and to work intuitively with the physicality of paint, challenging the tactile interaction of medium and surface.  Acrylic paint suits my painterly style of bold brush strokes and rhythmic momentum.


My work reflects a personal response to the space, colour and place without the fear of everyday realism.  I've been described as moody, sometimes edgy and romantic. 


I have exhibited in galleries in Australia and London, and now live and work in East Sussex. 

Purchasing Work & Commissions
The work I publish on this website is representative, and I am always open for suggestions as I work with themes and ideas.  Most of the work you see is part of a bigger body of work.

I have coordinated several exhibitions in London, featuring pop up galleries and specialising in niche exhibitions for a clients in galleries located in Stoke Newington and Islington, London.​
Perth Institute of Technology (Art & Design)
The Art Academy of London (Painting)
Birbeck University (Creative Writing)
* City University (Art Therapy, Freelance and Article Writing) 
* Central Saint Martins, London, (Life Drawing, Painting)
* Camberwell College, London,  (Life Drawing, Painting)
* The City Lit London (Sculpture and Life Painting) 
* Kent Adult Education (Sculpture)

*recreational studies


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