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The Ginger Llama Story

Ginger Llama was the name of my POP-UP shop, aptly named by my daughter who exclaimed that our neighbour's brown llama was indeed a ginger llama.  It struck a chord and gained momentum, and so when I opened a POP UP shop in 2018 Ginger Llama felt like the perfect name.

The POP UP included an array of British Artisans; boasting fabulous works of art, ceramics, upholstery, local skincare, jewellery and more.  It was such an amazing adventure that when the exhibition ended, we decided to move our niche family of Artisans online.  So, having a background in communications I set about developing a website and thus the ethos continued......

"A family of Artisans inspired by nature; innovative ideas; individual designs; creativity; upcycled; recycled, repurposed; undiscovered; recovered or slightly torn; we believe that the more you explore; the more you find that you can adore…"


When Covid hit, Ginger Llama diversified, holding online pamper evenings and some creative workshops. However, the time came for Ginger to close the stable door and focus on her immediate family.

Ginger is looking forward to new adventures!


An enormous Thank You to all of my fellow Artisans and everyone who supported Ginger Llama. 


You've made this journey Fabulous Always!!

To stay in touch, please email me at

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